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tiktok international download

TikTok (international) download for Android TikTok is a popular social media app that allows users to create and share short-form videos. It has become a global phenomenon with millions of users worldwide. To download TikTok International you can follow the steps described in this article. What is TikTok TikTok is a social media app that […]

How to Improve iPhone Battery Health in 2022

How to Improve iPhone Battery Health in 2022 I’ll show you how to improve iPhone battery health in 2022. As we all know iPhone users are increasing day by day. Most of them are worried about their iPhone battery as if it’s going to last through the day or not.  I’m sure some of you […]

how to enable dark mode on Facebook

How to enable dark mode on Facebook How to enable dark mode on Facebook? Facebook has an option of dark mode that helps you to save battery and make it easy for the eyes to focus on the content you are reading or watching. You can enable Facebook dark mode on android as well as […]

New phone battery first charge

New phone battery first charge So in this post, you will know about how to charge your new phone battery first-time charge and what are the ways to do the charging of a new phone battery for the first time? Most people say that the first three charging times must be more than 8-12 hours […]

how to change mobile font style

How to Change Mobile Font Style? If you’re willing to know how to change the mobile font style then you’re at the right place. So for android there several ways to change your phone font style or text style. The article provides full information regarding changing font style in both Android as well as iphone. […]

WhatsApp postpones new Privacy Policy cut-off date till 15 May

So finally WhatsApp postpones new Privacy Policy cut-off date 15 May because of the hype created over social media platform’s regarding Data Sharing of your personal data on Facebook. As well as the risk factor of loosing your WhatsApp Account till February 8 raised a lot of questions against WhatsApp Company. Anyhow the situation got […]

WhatsApp Privacy Policy Update 2021

WhatsApp Privacy Policy Update 2021 brought a major impact on their user’s daily life. We can say it was a pure nuclear attack. It can also be considered as a Spy to track people daily. WhatsApp Privacy Policy Update 2021 gave its users time till February 8, 2021, to accept the same to continue using […]

how to restore whatsapp backup from google drive

So to restore WhatsApp Backup from Google Drive never been a major problem. There are certain conditions new restore of WhatsApp Backup from Google Drive. Make sure you used the same phone number as well as the same Google Account during the creation of Target Backup ( Your WhatsApp Data Backup ) Step By Step […]

how to backup whatsapp data on google drive

So how to backup your WhatsApp data on google drive? Losing information can be excruciating. It in a real sense harms. Subsequently, it is consistently incredible to back up your information particularly when WhatsApp is a definitive method of discussion for in abundance. The best favorable position of support up your WhatsApp information is that […]