How to Check Bike Registration Online in Pakistan


How to Check Your Bike Registration Online in Pakistan

Are you looking to check Online Bike Registration in Pakistan? then you are at the right place. Have you recently purchased a new motorcycle and you’re willing to check its ownership status? then this post is your right choice. So here’s everything you need to know about How to Check Bike Registration Online in Pakistan. Few steps are mentioned below which are based on an online and offline system that completely depends upon your area/region. The Government of Pakistan has announced the facility to check motorcycle registration. The process of bike registration check has become very easy. People of Sindh, Punjab, Balochistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa can check their vehicle registration details online as well as through SMS service.

How to Check Bike Registration Online in Pakistan

Check bike Registration Online

The Government of Pakistan announced an online feature of bike registration check to help people to check their vehicles registration of their recent purchase. So if you are also looking to search your recently purchased motorcycle registration then you have come over to the right platform to do so. Here is a simple way to check your bike ownership. So let’s take a closer look at How To Check Your Bike Registration Online in Pakistan.

It’s an easy process to follow. You can conveniently check it out through a website as well as different mobile applications. There are few points that are important to check your bike registration. Make sure you have verified these steps before checking the online registration format.

  • You need to make sure that the Bike/Motorcycle is verified
  • Make sure your Bike/Motorcycle is Custom Paid.
  • The bike must be CPLC Cleared.
  • You must make sure that you write the original Number of the number plate/book/tax challan with the vehicle.

METHOD 1: bike registration check Online

So from this method, you can check your motorcycle registration online easily which will provide you full details including owner name, vehicle name, vehicle model number, and other relevant information. You just need to enter the Bike registration number. Online websites for each region can be found below.

  • Visit the website of your province
  • Input the number of your Bike/other Vehicle in the Box
  • Once you have entered the alphanumeric numbers, press “search” to be able to obtain details regarding the ownership status of your bike.

bike registration

  • A page full of the following information would show up.

bike registration check Punjab online

Click Here

bike registration check Sindh online

Click Here

bike registration check KPK online

Click Here

bike registration check Balochistan online

Click Here

The above-listed website will help you out in searching out the required information you are looking for. These websites might take some time to load due to heavy traffic on the server. Once you enter the website you will find out the relevant form on your computer screen with a few blank fields. You need to fill those fields if you want to check your bike registration in Punjab Sindh or any other province. One of the fields will be named ‘Vehicle Number’ or ‘Registration Number’. Here you will enter the alphanumeric digits that are on your bike’s number plate. Be sure to write the correct information without any mistakes. After filling the field the information which will be shown may consist of the following details’

  • Owner’s Name
  • Vehicle Information
  • Registration Details
  • Engine Number
  • Chassis Number
  • Year of Registration
  • Vehicle Model
  • Company Name
  • Vehicle Tax Details
  • Engine Capacity

METHOD 2: bike registration check via Mobile Application

motorcycle registration fee in punjab pakistan

You can verify your motorcycle ownership using the mobile application. But there is a slight limitation in this process as the application is only accessible in few regions of Pakistan. But it provides you with complete verified information. These applications are available on Google PlayStore. You can simply search them by writing “Vehicle Verification Check in Pakistan” You’ll find the relevant app.

The process on how to check your bike registration online in Pakistan using an app is very simple and more or less the same as it is for the above-mentioned website. In these applications, you may usually be required to provide your vehicle registration number and details about your district to fetch the desired result.

METHOD 3: how to check vehicle registration through sms

So how to check vehicle registration through sms service. A lot of people are looking for sms vehicle verification sindh but it usually works only for punjab. So it’s better to search for islamabad vehicle verification through sms but sometimes the system also picks Sindh.

To find out motorcycle registration through sms that will cost you around 0.50 Rupees charges before sending. I would again ask you to make sure you mainly used it for Punjab only.

  • First, open your Messaging Application
  • Now type your “Bike Registration Number” and send it to “8785″
    1. You can try Different Combinations e.g;
    • ABC 000 …………………………….LXZ 123
    • ABC 0000 …………………………..LXZ 0123
    • ABC 0000 …………………………..LXZ 1111
    • ABC-00-0000 ……………………..RIA-07-1111
  • Now wait for a minute and you’ll receive complete information.
  • As a response to your SMS, you may receive the following details against your requested vehicle:
    • Model and Company of Bike
    • Colour
    • Year of Registration
    • Owner’s Name
    • Issuance Status of Computerised Number Plates
    • Tax and Token Paid Up to
    • Engine and Chassis Number


If you don’t have access to any of the above-mentioned methods you can simply visit the excise and taxation department. The excise and taxation departments in your respective regions also offer verification services They will verify it Don’t forget to take along the original documents of your bike as well as its plate number.


This is how you can easily check your bike registration online by staying at home make sure the motorcycle registration number check is filled correctly in the required fields. So hope you guys learned How To Check Bike Registration In Pakistan, If you are willing to know the bike registration fee for Punjab you can check it out HERE

If you have any questions or queries Regarding Checking Bike Registration, In Pakistan, feel free to comment down in the comment section we’ll try to answer as early as possible.

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