how to earn money on streamkar App

What is StreamKar?

Streamkar is an official live hosting application. You can download streamkar app from google playstore.To earn money on streamkar by simply appearing live in front of the audience by entertaining them you can earn money. You can meet new people and celebrities through this app, It allows you to chat with a live audience as well as you can explore your talent and skills. All types of talent are appreciated on streamkar app such as; dancing, singing, comedy, acting, poetry or if you are good at talking or flirting then you can use its audio streaming feature which exactly make you feel like an RJ. You can do live streaming from any place your want, It could be home, office, garden anywhere. The best way how to earn money on streamkar app is given below

Many people don’t get opportunities to show their talents so streamkar here plays a key role. The streamkar owner has designed it in such a way where you are free to express your talent whatever you have got. You can also download streamkar on pc by using blue stack or any other pc android converter.

what is streamkar

live video streaming increases fan following through live broadcasting ( StreamKar ):

On streamkar it’s more convenient to increase your followers and gain audience if we compared it with Instagram or Facebook it’s much easier to seek the attention of the audience. The biggest reason for this is that everyone uses it and they spend most of their time on it. Rich people spend their money on this kind of application to be famous and gain followers + friends. Once a boy or girl comes live here these people send them a random gift for support.

Showcase Your talent and Win audience hearts:

It’s one of the best ways to show your skills and talents. Few examples of Skills listed below;

  • If You know about Technology
  • You have an interest in dancing
  • How about showing your singing skills
  • How to impress people
  • If you can do comedy this would be amazing
  • To make money online you can guide people too

Reveal out your hidden talent. Don’t waste your time on social media if you have an opportunity grab it as soon as possible.

How to download Streamkar App is it Safe?

To download Streamkar app you can search on playstore by writing ” Streamkar ” you will find it out easily. As it’s available on the playstore so it’s safe to download and use it. Since Google does a proper check before publishing any application. You can do streamkar live streaming using your PC as well by downloading streamkar on pc through bluestack.

Streamkar Vs bigo tv

Streamkar and bigo live is the same application but the payout rates on bigotv is a bit high as compared to streamkar but it balances the scenario as if you are purchasing coins on bigo live it’s more expensive than streamkar. So is also a good platform but Streamkar is much better than it. It’s up to you what you want to choose.

The money you earn can rise significantly if you join an “Agency”

To earn money and to start live streaming on streamkar you need to first join an “Agency”. You can also apply without using the agency code but I won’t recommend you because it will give you salary issues so it’s better you apply via agency code “14535” that’s my agency “Mirxa Agency” You can message me here for more details Click here for contact. The agency will try its best to increase your viewership. You’ll be getting promotions, marketing, support, management and with increased viewership, increased earning.

How to earn money on Streamkar App?

streamkar app se paise kaise kamaye? So once you start live streaming on Streamkar you will have many viewers followers on your live stream which will send you gifts. These gifts are valuable and this makes a streamer salary. The more you earn there are more chances of getting a good salary. The coins on streamkar are used for purchasing gifts which are then sent to the streamer which is shown as “Gems” or “Diamonds” in the “earning section” on the main profile of sk.

Streamkar mainly targets young girls and boys for live streaming especially those who are seeking opportunities to gain fan following as well as to earn money online. So you simple download streamkar app from playstore then do the normal registration and after that apply for a live streamer using the above streaming code “14535” Click here for contact.

live streaming

How Do You Get Coins On Streamkar? Recharge on Streamkar

Once you start streaming and start getting gifts from the viewers those gifts are mainly counted as your salary. As well as it also includes a target that requires you to complete watch time and valid days.

Streamkar has many ways to double your coins by playing games like “Teen Patti” “Fruit Loops” you can try your luck and double your coins.

How To Withdraw Payment From StreamKar App:

Once you have enough diamonds you can redeem your diamonds through the official sk topup agent 210 Beans is equal to 1$ you can withdraw your Dollars through Easypaisa, JazzCash, paypal etc.

How to find Streamkar Topup Agent: 

It’s easy to find streamkar official topup agent number by following this method;

  • Click on the inbox option

Streamkar topup agent

  • Find “Sk Play Assistant” click on it

how to find streamkar topup agent

  • Below you will see “Agency Top-up” option

streamkar official topup agents

This is how you can easily find Streamkar official top-up Agent number and recharge your account. This is how to recharge beans on streamkar

Streamkar Platform Current Update:

The platform is currently getting over 1200 visitors a day. A good number since it is only 3 months old. Farhan Nadeem, cofounder of the product is especially excited about the applications of live streaming, The opportunities are endless. In the future, on one side, I am seeing television shows being live-streamed on our platform. Whereas, on the other hand, I am also seeing it as a platform for imparting education. So let’s start now what are you waiting for?

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