How to topup on StreamKar Complete Guide

How to top-up on StreamKar Complete Guide

What is Streamkar?

StreamKar is a live video or a real-time interaction social Application. It permits you to live stream your special moments and brimming with random talks. StreamKar permits you to observe live recordings, broadcast your life, video visit with your companions and make new companions internationally. It is also a source of earning. You can do live streaming and complete monthly targets. There are gifters who spend coins by gifting a streamer so that they can earn from it. So to learn about topup on StreamKar this guide can be followed.

Topup on Streamkar Guide:

There are multiple methods through which you can topup or recharge your Streamkar account. The methods are explained below with step by step guidance.

Topup through EasyPaisa on Streamkar:

So to topup on Streamkar through EasyPaisa you need to follow the steps below.

1 > Logged into your StreamKar Application

Streamkar Topup



2> Now Click on the Profile Settings option under the Right Corner of the main screen.

how to topup on streamkar 2



3> Now You’ll see the Topup option on your profile click on it.

how to topup on streamkar 2



4> You’ll see 4 methods that can be used to topup on Streamkar. Choose EasyPaisa.

how to topup on streamkar 3



5> Now enter the required amount you want to recharge your Streamkar account.

how to topup on streamkar 5



6> Now choose one of the options that you want to pay either through an Easypaisa mobile account or through a Easypaisa Retailer.

easypaisa topup on streamkar 


7> For example if I chose Easypaisa Mobile Account so to pay out through it you need to enter your Easypaisa mobile number & your email.



8> After entering the details the transaction will be pending at your Easypaisa mobile Application as well as on Streamkar.

easypaisa 3


9> Now you need to open your Easypaisa Application and confirm the pending Approval.

easypaisa 4



10> You need to give approval by clicking on “Approve”

easypaisa 6



11> So after giving the Approval you’ll see this notification on your screen.

easypaisa 7



12> As well as you’ll receive an SMS confirmation with a StreamKar Order ID that’s very important to keep it safe.

easypaisa 10


This is how you can top up on Streamkar with Easypaisa Mobile Account.

easypaisa 13


Topup through Paypal:

So top up through PayPal can be done by following methods

1> Chose Paypal Option

paypal 1


2>Select the desired amount you want to recharge on Streamkar.

Paypal 2



3>After you Click on “Submit” it will redirect you to the online PayPal online gateway where you need to enter your PayPal account login details.

paypal 4



This is how you can top up your Streamkar account with the Paypal method.

Topup through Google Pay:

You can top up on Streamkar by using Google pay follow the below step by step guide.

1> Chose “Google” option first.

google pay



2> Now select the number of beans you want to deposit/recharge in your Streamkar account.

google wallet 1


3> Now a notification will pop up on your screen in which details will be provided regarding the amount of beans/coins and Money.

google pay 3



4> You can change your Google method by clicking on the Pay option after that you can buy.


Topup with Credit/Debit Card on Streamkar:

Top up with credit debit card is same as Paypal method it will redirect to your Paypal account where you can add your credit-debit card and purchase the beans/coins.


Video Tutorial for Top-up on StreamKar

Hope this video might help you for a better understanding.


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