How to use pixellab (STEP BY STEP GUIDE)

How to use pixellab

What is Pixel Lab?

The pixel lab application is an android app that can be used as an easy way to draw, add simple and 3D text and stickers completely free of cost. However, if you are willing to learn how to use pixellab then you are at the right place. The main focus of the pixel lab application was text writing on pictures but additionally, it has so many features that can enhance the image a lot more than your expectations.

Pixelab helps to create 3D texts and place them above your images or stand them in cool photos. It also provides a lot of customization effects like padding, coloring, stroke, shadow, Emboss, reflection, and more. You can either pick a font or install a font of your choice in the pixel lab. You can adjust the background of the image in pixel lab as well as change its color to any of your choices.

The pixalab provides a lot of customization in pictures. You can easily use the effects and customize your photos. Even you can add stickers in the pixel lab of your own choice. Sketching of images are also available in this application as well as resizing, rotation are some additional option available. You can use the export option to save the image of your choice according to your pixels and size demands. The last but not the least option is of creating logos on pixel lab.

PixelLab has made photo editing, blending, drawing, and writing text over pictures super-easy. A clean and simple interface with a wide selection of presets, fonts, backgrounds, and more than 60 unique options empower users to draw their imaginations on the screen to design stunning graphics and edit photos with a professional finish.

How to Use Pixellab App?

  • Pixel Lab is present on the play store from which you can download the application free.

pixel lab

  • Now open the app you will see an interface so now if you want to upload a picture in the background click on the three dots that appear on the top right corner of pixelab.

how to import image on pixellab

  • Once you click on it you will get the option of “Use image from the gallery” or “Use image from the camera” you can use any one according to your requirement.

pixellab background image

  • Now this app can be used to make text pictures it’s simple you need to click on the option “A icon” that appears at the bottom of the screen.

pixellab text image

  • Once you click on it you will get the “Edit” option to edit the text then write whatever you want to write on the background image.

text image pixellab


  • You can also import different font styles on PixalLab by using this option.

import font style

  • You can change “Text Size” and “Color” by using these options.

text size and color pixal lab

  • You can also edit the texts and make them look more beautiful. To turn normal texts into 3D ones, click on the “A” icon, choose the option “3DFree Articles,” and adjust the ratio according to your choice. You can give the texts a superb 3D look using the Pixellab.

pixellab 3d logo

  • You can use the “Wand” option to enhance the quality of the picture.

wand feature Pixel Lab

  • As you click on it, you will find several options to adjust contrast, brightness, and saturation. You can use “Hue” to give a colorful look. You can add a shadow on the corner of a person using the “Shadow” tool available on the app.

Make Logo On Android (Pixellab Tutorial)

  • Pixel Lab tutorial logo making. You need to simple open the application of pixellab and click on “A icon” to write a text.
  • Now use the text tool to formate your text.
  • Add “Color” “Style” to change your text font style.
  • Use the shape tool to make the shapes you need for your logo.
  • You can also use the shape option to give your logo a particular shape.
  • The option of 3d effect is the most amazing feature of pixel lab.
  • You can give your logo an amazing effect by using 3d and 3d Shadows options.
  • Now go to the background tool and add the dark background ( you can use a colored background or transparent background to export your logo).
  • Now save the project click on the saved image same as below the picture.

save project pixellab

  • You can save the project in any image quality of your requirement.

pixellab project quality


In this guide, we have shown you the basic features of pixel lab. How you can use pixel lab for enhancing your image quality. How you can add text on pixellab? The way of how easy it is to make a logo on your smartphone. As well as sharing the benefits of learning how to make a logo on android. You can also use it for making memes and share them on Social Media platforms. You can also use Pixel Lab for putting text behind images or posters, greeting cards, and many science displays. You can grow your business also by adding images and text through Pixal Lab. Amazing Profile pictures can also be done.

It lets you edit and enhance the images by customizing photos, applying filters and overlays. You can design your stunning quotes pictures or memes using your photos or built-in backgrounds, ready to be shared with your friends on social media and rock like a rising star.

I hope you would like the article whether it still requires to cover a full tutorial but it’s still enough to get it started with the PixelLab app. The best application which you can use through your phone for editing images anywhere at any time. I’ve answered a lot of questions in this article hopefully you’ll get your queries over here.

This video guide will help you out in making a decent logo on pixel lab. The video contains an English verdict with a simple explanation of how to make a logo on pixel lab if you like it kindly do subscribe to my channel and like the video. If you have any questions after seeing a video you can either comment on YouTube or comment over here for further assistance.

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