Transfer From Jazz Cash To Easypaisa Online

How to Transfer From Jazz Cash To Easypaisa Online

If you want to transfer money from Jazz Cash to Easypaisa Online then you are on the right page. If you have a JazzCash account with a balance which you are willing to transfer to your Easypaisa wallet and you don’t know “how to do it” then you need to follow this article. Transferring money to homes with mobile banking has made it easier to speed up the process. Now, all you need to do is follow a simple process and send the money without any hassle and waste of time.

jazzcash to easypaisa money transfer

What is JazzCash?

JazzCash is a mobile money service in Pakistan. It’s an actual mobile bank account linked to your mobile number through which you can send and receive money pay utility bills, top-up airtime, repay loans, make online payments, and much more! You must have some amount in your mobile account when you plan to transfer. These transfers can be done from Jazz Cash to Jazz Cash, Easypaisa to Easypaisa, Jazz Cash to Easypaisa, and to the bank accounts as well. Isn’t it interesting?

How to open a JazzCash Mobile Account?

To open a JazzCash Mobile Account you need to download the application of JazzCash from Playstore and simply need o signup by fulfilling the requirements.
That includes:
  1. Mobile Number
  2. CNIC
  3. Biometric Verification

Can I transfer money from jazzcash to Easypaisa?

Yes, you can transfer money from your JazzCash to your Easypaisa account without any hesitation. Just need to follow the simple procedure mentioned below.

Jazz Cash To Easypaisa money transfer Online

For transferring money from JazzCash to an Easypaisa account you just need to follow the below-mentioned steps


First of all login into your JazzCash Application


Now click on the “Send Money” option


In the Send Money Option now select Bank Option


Now for the Easypaisa account, you need to choose the “Telenor Microfinance Banking” Option.


Enter the relevant information in the provided fields. Now Hit the arrow in the bottom right corner to proceed to the next window.


Confirm the details and make sure you have entered the correct information of the receiver.


Now enter MPIN and hit the double-tick bubble in the bottom-right corner.


This confirms your transaction and transfer of cash from JazzCash to Easypaisa. The receipt is the proof of the transaction with complete details.


jazzcash to easypaisa transfer charges

Currently, the send money charges for JazzCash to Easypaisa are completely free. It might be due to the pandemic but whenever the charges are implemented you will be informed soon.


Online banking has made things quite easier for people to transfer their money to other bank accounts without going to the bank which is quite safe and secure method. The mobile banking transaction of JazzCash to Easypaisa has made things quite easy you must try this out. The best part is it’s free of extra charges and any amount can be transferred through it. So now what are you waiting for send money from jazzcash to easypaisa.

How To Send Money From Jazzcash To Easypaisa 2021

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