WhatsApp postpones new Privacy Policy cut-off date till 15 May

So finally WhatsApp postpones new Privacy Policy cut-off date 15 May because of the hype created over social media platform’s regarding Data Sharing of your personal data on Facebook.

As well as the risk factor of loosing your WhatsApp Account till February 8 raised a lot of questions against WhatsApp Company.

Anyhow the situation got worst after the tweet of famous celebrities’ as well as Elon Mask.

“Elon Musk tweeted “Use Signal” on Thursday, which led to a huge number of signups for the app, after WhatsApp made changes to its privacy policy”

WhatsApp Elaborated the Policy for people clarification & satisfaction:

After seeing the hype Team WhatsApp decided to elaborate the policy in detail

It was mainly against the topic data exportation of Public Private / Encrypted Data to any platform.

The below image was published on WhatsApp Help & Support website.

As well as they have taken a step back from deleting the user’s account. As they officially posted an announcement regarding this on Twitter:

Directly from the day WhatsApp declared its adjustments in Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. It has been confronting a ton of kickback. Clients on Social media have been communicating their dissatisfaction and some are in any event, suggesting choices. Therefore, rivals like Telegram and Signal have seen a huge number of downloads as of late. To end this, WhatsApp has now given a clarification and delayed the cut-off date.

Review Of Policy As an Analyst:

WhatsApp clearly mentioned in it that the information which will be received from your WhatsApp Data it will be imported on Facebook.

Complete browse information will be taken as mentioned in the policy including your mobile network ( ISP DETAILS ) which will be exported throughout Facebook.

So now you need to decide is WhatsApp trying to play a game here? to save its assets as we all know people already started moving towards Telegram & Signal.

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