WhatsApp Privacy Policy Update 2021

WhatsApp Privacy Policy Update 2021 brought a major impact on their user’s daily life. We can say it was a pure nuclear attack.

It can also be considered as a Spy to track people daily.

WhatsApp Privacy Policy Update 2021 gave its users time till February 8, 2021, to accept the same to continue using the messaging platform.

For those who do not accept the new terms, there is the option to delete their accounts.

So what are the key changes in the new privacy policy and terms of service for WhatsApp?

  1. Your Connection Information will be taken by WhatsApp.
  2. The information will be shared on Facebook.
  3. Your Device Location, as well as Device Information, will be taken.
  4. Your Complete transaction details through WhatsApp.
  5. Media / Chats Information will be monitored.
  6. Apple users might see a red dot recording mark on their mobile screen.
  7. WhatsApp Status information.
  8. Battery Usage and last WhatsApp Activity.

Camera Access by WhatsApp.

Public tracking by WhatsApp

Last activity complete details.

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